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Enabling Digital Transformation

Smart Manufacturing encompases use of Industrial IoT Edge Devices that provides the critical data connectivity with seamless OT/IT Convergence needed to monitor, visualize, analyze and optimize production lines at scale. SAR Provides Multiple Connectivity Options along with smart sensors,devices and leveraging LPWAN Protocols to create the Factory of Future.All this Combined with Our Cloud based Dashboarding and Analytical Tools Provide Right Insights and Corrective Actions to Optimize,Control and Predict your Assets and Processes in real time.

  • Communicate with over Multiple protocols
  • Connect with Cloud based Dashboards
  • Derive Insights to Optimize and Control


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance provides the asset data collection, analytics and machine learning needed to reduce unplanned downtime and increase the efficiency of maintenance activities.

Asset Condition Monitoring

Asset Condition Monitoring helps companies collect, analyze, manage and integrate asset data to take the guesswork out of asset condition and fully exploit equipment investment.


OEE harnesses the critical data buried with assets at the edge to dramatically simplify the calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness and optimize throughput, increase quality and improve performance.


IIoT allows manufacturers to connect to any asset, collect and analyze data, integrate with cloud and big data applications for advanced analytics, then run the models back at the edge for continuous improvement.


Our Solution Offerings

Our Wireless End Devices and Battery Operated Smart Sensors along with suitable Gateways can Gather All Critical Parameters for Monitoring Purposes without the any need of physical connectivity.This Ensures Easy,Flexible and Scalable Deployment within very short time frame.

Smart Asset Monitoring

Smart Utilities Monitoring

Condition and Reliabilty based Maintenance using Smart Vibration Sensors

Machine Performance Monitoring

Wireless Energy Monitoring

Smart Weld Cell Monitoring

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SAR Delivers Services in a fast and easy way.Our Team of Experts can deploy and deliver various point applications by using Smart Iot Sensors,Multiple Array of Edge Devices and Cloud Connectors which can be connected to Cloud Servers for Dashboarding and Contextualization to derive effective Insights from Current Assets,Processes etc.


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